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North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has been cooking up some new licenses for April, three of which were revealed yesterday. The latest series to come to print and digital are Haruka Takachiho and Hisao Tamaki’s Dirty Pair manga omnibus, Tougoku Hudou and Takoyakiyoshi’s isekai comedy manga My Room is a Dungeon Rest Stop, and Chiri Yuino’s yuri manga Scarlet. 


The Dirty Pair omnibus is due out as a single edition on December 17.



Kei and Yuri, known as the Lovely Angels–or the Dirty Pair, depending on who you ask–work as agents for the galactic Worlds Welfare and Works Association. But in their pursuit of space-wide justice, they cause space-wide disaster! The chaotic (and strangely successful) exploits of these sexy agents have charmed audiences since their debut in 1980. For the first time ever, this manga adventure for the iconic pair–created in Japan as a retelling of the first light novel–will be available in English, contained entirely in one omnibus!


The first volume of My Room is a Dungeon Rest Stop launches on January 7, 2020. 




There has to be a catch when a deluxe rental property is this cheap–and this one connects to a perilous dungeon in another world! Far from being dissuaded, Touru jumps at the chance to sign the lease, hoping to go from high school dropout to big-time adventurer. He soon encounters a stranded knight: a gorgeous young woman named Ria. Touru rescues her and takes her back to Earth, where she promptly mistakes him for a Great Sage, seeing normal things like running water for evidence of his powerful magic. Touru may dream of heroism, but first he has to figure out how to share an apartment with a cute girl from another world!


The first volume of Scarlet launches on February 11, 2020.




After ingesting an illegal drug that makes her hunger for blood, Finé Hera makes a pact with a beautiful but wolfish Red Riding Hood. Iris Redhood offers herself up to help Finé slake her bloodlust, but her…services come with a price. Now, the two are narcotics officers on the hunt for the very drug that changed Finé!


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