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Crossworld fantasy police procedural Cop Craft is buffing out its cast with some familiar names, as well as lining up performers for its opening and ending themes.


Three new cast members have been added to the upcoming anime adaptation, based on the light novel written by Shoji Gatoh (Full Metal Panic!) and illustrated by Range Murata (Last Exile).

First up, Wataru Takagi (who plays a detective sharing his name in Case Closed) will be appearing as Biz O’naill:

Volcano Ota (Nagamasa Moura, My Hero Academia) will be taking on the role of Kenny:

Houchu Ohtsuka (Chibodee Crocket, G Gundam) has been cast in the role of Zerada, but no character art has been revealed for the character at the time of publication.


The artists for the show’s OP and ED themes have also been chosen. Taking on the opening will be Masayoshi Ooishi of OxT (themes for SSSS.GRIDMAN, Overlord, and Ace of the Diamond). The ending theme will be performed by Mayu Yoshioka in-character as Tirana, the show’s female lead.


Additionally, TOKYO MX will lead into the show’s July 8 release by airing the director’s cut of Full Metal Panic! on July 7.


Cop Craft takes place in an alternate reality where a portal between worlds hangs over California. In the city of San Teresa, detective Kei Matoba and otherworldly knight Tirana Exedirika team up to bring their own personal brands of justice to a conflict raging between worlds.


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