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Not long ago, celebratory bottles of Devilman whisky went on sale—and were so popular, they sold out in a day! This time, Shogakukan’s PAL Shop has prepared double the curated bottles to satisfy fans with a taste for a good vintage.


Originally launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of what Go Nagai considers his magnum opus, the Devilman label whiskys feature specially selected blends with label art by Nagai. This year’s picks were chosen by whisky connoisseur Hideo Yamaoka, an expert who notably rented a second apartment to hold his $2,000 collection. It’s safe to say Yamaoka knows his stuff.



Available this year are a 1973 single grain Invergordon, a 1997 single malt Imperial, and a 1998 single malt Glenmoray.



The line goes on sale May 21, with each bottle landing in the $250-300 range. They’re not cheap, but there also aren’t many. There are only a limited number, and considering how quickly the line sold out last time, you’ll want to be quick if you’re interested in owning a bottle!


>> Devilman Label Whisky at PAL Shop

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