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2.5D rap battle project Hypnosis Mic is about to take its next step into a new format, and the designs are here!


The project, which so far exists as a series of CDs and live stage shows, stars 12 notable voice actors and rappers in the roles of four teams in a turf war for Tokyo. The teams fight for the Hypnosis Mic: a microphone that allows anyone’s words to influence the minds and hearts of the public.



Three side-by-side manga projects will be premiering next month, each running in a different publication. New visuals show the “comicalized” versions of The Dirty Dawg: the four-person team that once ruled Tokyo, and has gone their separate ways to become the leaders of the project’s four squads.


The three manga start their runs next month in Shonen Magazine Edge, Monthly Shonen Sirius, and Monthly Comic Zero Sum.


>> Hypnosis Mic Website

Source: Comic Natalie




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